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More Beaver Springs Photos

This really nice deer was taken about 200 yards south of the Beaver Springs/National Forest boundary in 1997. I saw him first in muzzleloader season, but had an elk tag!
This nice cow elk was taken on Little Iles Mountain by Phil Pahs.

This young 5 point bull was taken about 50 yards from the National Forest boundary.
Larry, Ed, and Ed Jr. relaxing the day before 3rd season 2000. Larry got a small bull the next morning about 150 yards from where he's sitting.

This is a photo of the Beaver Springs kitchen and camp trailer taken the year we built the pole barn. The two guys are Gary Loyd and Jeff Whilden, a couple of good friends that helped build the barn.
This is a photo looking to the south out of the Beaver Springs camp.  One of our pack trails leading into the White River National Forest goes through this gap.

No, I didn't catch this one in our pond, he's from the Little Snake River a couple of years ago. We do stock our pond with rainbows and a few brookies so if you want to relax a bit, we have some nice fishing available during the hunting season.
Yes, there are some animals around here!  I took this photo from the county road about three miles from Beaver Springs one week before the first combined rifle season in October 1999.  For some reason, I never see them like this during the season!  Notice the deer hanging out with the elk.